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Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy

Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy

Economics of water policy and management

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The Centre is addressing the following research priorities

Water quality

Analysis of policy interventions to reduce water pollution from nutrients and sediment affecting rivers, lakes and wetlands. This includes optimal targeting of pollution abatement within a  catchment

Groundwater management

Members of the CEEP team affiliated with the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training work on the following projects

Groundwater economics and policy: institutional impediments to trade, linking hydrological and economic aspects, and strategies to limit negative impacts from groundwater transfers

Cost and optimal design of managed acquifer recharge to increase water levels in Perry Lakes

Farm level economic impacts of and responses to reduction in ground water availability in the Naomi catchment of NSW

Water-sensitive cities

As part of the CRC for Water-Sensitive Cities, we are undertaking integrated economic assessment of various technologies and practices that promote water conservation and improve liveability in urban areas. We are also doing research on the design of economic incentives and policy instruments to promote appropriate uptake of water-sensitive technologies and practices.

Collaborators within the School of Agricultural and Resource Economics:

Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy
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