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Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy

Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy

Policy for environment and natural resources

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The Centre is addressing the following research priorities

Environmental policy and management

Optimal choice of policy mechanisms for environmental projects utilising the Public: Private Benefits Framework

In partnership with the National Environmental Decisions Hub, investigate the lessons learned from Australia's experiences with market-based instruments in environmental projects

Read their findings below.
MBI report part1 [PDF, 586.2 KB]
Updated 24 Apr 2014

MBI report part2 [PDF, 710.8 KB]
Updated 24 Apr 2014

MBI report part3 [PDF, 719.8 KB]
Updated 24 Apr 2014

Environmental valuation

In conjunction with the NERP Marine Biodiversity Hub, quantify the intangible values of marine biodiversity. In addition investigate community preferences towards a marine offsets policy, and how this relates to the social licence to operate for commercial companies.

In partnership with the Swan River Trust   look into the extent to which experts and the public have different values for the Swan River. Visit dedicated website for further information.

Understanding environmental managers capacity and usage of decision tools for environmental management 

Farmer adoption of conservation practices

Understanding practice change by rural landholders in response to changed social, economic or environmental conditions. Predicting the speed and ultimate level of adoption of new practices.

Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy
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